CWCCA National Specialty wins

and placements

CWCCA National Specialty award winners  -  chronologically: (newest on bottom of page)

Ch. Claymore’s Diamonds R Forevr  “James”, 

4th in Puppy Sweeps @  Ft. Worth 1999

Angela also won Best Jr. Handler at age 10

Angela Phillip with Aurigan Tiny Bubbles, 

Best Junior Handler @  Portland OR 2003

Angela also won Best Jr. in 1999.

Ch. Aurigan Cap’n Crunch - “Captain”, 

Best Black Dog in Megan @  Portland OR 2003

Aurigan Margaux With-An-X

2nd in 9-12 puppy @ Portland OR 2003

Ch. Rememberance Blue Danube ”Danny”

Runner –up Blue Dog In Megan @ St. Louis 2004

Ch. Aurigan Mantle Cleopatra

4th in 9-12 bitch class @ St. Louis 2004

Ch. Aurigan Ms Midnight Tailbrite

2nd in 12-18 bitch Sweeps @ Portland 2003,

1st in regular classes with Angela showing..

Ch. Dunes Fade To Blaque

4th in 6-9 dog class @ St. Louis 2004

Am/Can/Int. Ch. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air

Best In Puppy Sweeps @ Kentucky 2006

Int. Ch. Kennebec Dunes Limited Edition

1st in Am-Bred bitchs @ Topeka 2008

Ch. Pecan Valley Mustang Sally

Best In Puppy Sweep in CA 2007

Ch. Rememberance Blue Danube Best Blue Dog In Megan in CA

Aurigan Just Because I Can 1st in 12-18 bitch in CA

Aurigan Mantle Out Of My Way 3rd in 6-9 bitch in CA 2007

CWCCA National Specialty 2012

Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Dunes National Treasure Hct (Hunter) = Award Of Merit

Aurigan Bazinga  (Hunter granddaughter) class placement, 2 Hunter sons place in 6-9 class.

Dunes Not All Treasure Is Silver and Gold, 2nd in 12-18 Sweeps and 2nd Bred By 2011 in TX

Ch. Aurigan Mantle Eye Witness at Kylea, 1st Am Bred 2011 in TX

Aurigan Mantle Strikes Again

4th -By 2011 in TX

Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Dunes

Celestine Blue — Runner Up

Blue Bitch in Megan 2011

Am/Can Ch Aurigan Dunes

National Treasure Hct

Award of Merit 2012

Aurigan Bazinga

2nd in Sweeps 2012

Billy and Starbuck

4th and 1st 6-9 class 2012

Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Mantle Strikes Again PT; earning 1st leg for her PT title, CWCCA 2012

Am/Can Ch. Aurigan Mantle Storyteller & 1/2 sister

Ch. Aurigan Mantle Dragonlilly PT;

Best Brace CWCCA 2014

Aurigan Danger Zone at Supreme

1st 9-12 dog class

2014 CWCCA

Aurigan Stubbyacres Lovestruck

1st 9-12 bitch class

2014 CWCCA