Ch. Pecan Valley Avalanche

                                                               Ch. Pecan Valley Blue Thunder

                                                                                     Sisterwood Black Iris

                                   GrCh. Merrythought The Keeping Quilt

                                                                            Ch. Dual Ch. HTCh, WTCH Coedwig’s Malachite

                                                           GrCh. Coedwig’s The Quiltmaker

                                                                                      Ch. FRM MoneyPenney


GrCh. Aurigan Songwriter  -  “Toula”


                                                                                       Ch. Phi-Vestavia Koltrain

                                                              Ch. Tailbrite Beltane Dark Before Dawn

                                                                                     Ch. Aurigan Miss Midnight Tailbrite

                                    AKC GrChB./Can Ch. Aurigan Mantle Storyteller  “Dolly”

                                                                                          Eng/Am Ch Kerman Strike Up The Band

                                                               Ch. Aurigan Mantle Eye Candy

                                                   AKC/Can/IABCA Ch. Aurigan Mantle Out Of Thin Air ROM HCT(ahba)