Herding Photos of

Aurigan bred Cardigans and friends

Above: Desi on left in a PT test, niece Dragonlilly on lower right.

Desi in top photo demonstrating why Movement and proper structure makes a difference. 

This is what this breed was bred to do, and Desi can do it very well!

She earned a leg toward her PT title on Goats at the 2013 CWCCA National Specialty.

Desi finished  her Championship while working sheep.

Aurigan Cardigans have a lot of strong Herding instinct.  To date Desi and Dragonlilly and Corvette are the only ones that has had any formal training.

ALL we have tested demonstrate great potential.  We are delighted with all of them.

Hunter, Dolly (also shown above left), Bazinga, Beatrys, Jade, Corvette and more to come!


Desi and Dragonlilly each earn PT title at Pack Leader Farms AKC Herding Trial in August.

Watch for updates.

Photos above left to right:  Beatrys (mother of Desi and Hunter), Desi and Desi

Below left Beatrys again and on right is Dotty, Phantom’s mom and Bazinga’s grandma

Corvette (Desi granddaughter) above working Cattle and Sheep.  She has 10 Herdings titles from AKC, ASCA and AHBA in 8 months from starting training!