GrCh. Aurigan Songwriter


Toula is a lovely girl.  I love her style and type.  She has an Let’s Go personality & the movement too!


Photo left is winning a major at Puyallup WA her very 1st day in the ring.  Just under 9 months old.

Photo right is winning BOS at the NWCF Regional Specialty, her 2nd weekend out as a Champion.  She was also Select Bitch the next 2 days, all with a large entry and many Specials.

Toula on down and back.

Toula at 5 months old above, and 9 months old below.

Toula and Penny at about 3 months old.  They think they are sisters, but are actually distant cousins.

Sire: GCh Merrythought The Keeping Quilt

Dam: GCHb Aurigan Mantle Storyteller

Toula is DM Clear, Fluff Free